Secure mat system

Model : SM/1

Although many retailers, shopping centres and public transport systems have provided excellent provision of space in the form of dedicated parent facilities, the actual changing mat has remained the same; these mats are of a light domestic duty and generally unsuitable for commercial use. Baby Point has developed, the secure mat system designed to offer a commercial duty changing mat that is secure from theft, ergonomically sound, and hygienic.

The retaining track TR/1 is designed to be surface fixed with the screws provided, however where resin or stone surfaces are planned the track can be through bolted using M5 pan head set screws. The safety rail (SR/1) is through fixed and access is thus required from underneath the work surface.

– A changing mat cartridge with a reinforced nursery grade Vinyl on the top surface, fully bonded to a fire retarding grade of closed cell foam, giving a unique combination of features meeting the BS EN 71 part 3 Toxicity requirements whilst also passing the BS 6807 (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 Ignition Source 5.
– The changing mat cartridge has a perimeter PVC extrusion that when inserted into the retaining track ensures a theft proof, hygienic seal.
– Designed for use by either right or left handed parents.
– A powder coated Aluminium track with integral seal for surface fixing to any standard 60cm wide work surface.
– A strong retaining bar or safety rail, for through fixing on the work surface adjacent to the changing mat, constructed with a steel core within a soft outer moulding for protection of the baby.
– Although not generally supplied for this system, the Baby Point safety strap with snap fit closure to BS 6684 1989 can be secured to the frame.
– Baby Point graphics are supplied as standard, however a bespoke graphics where any corporate logo or customer care slogan can be printed using non-toxic inks is available under request.

Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 in the UK. All Baby Point products are tested to EN: 12221-1:2008.